Earn Money

Do you provide WiFi to your customers? TopSpot allows you to earn money for every customer who uses your Wifi.

On every page your customers will visit, they will be exposed to different kind of advertisements that you can get paid for!

Get More Likes

Invite your customers to “Like” your Facebook page when they start using your WiFi.
Increase your number of Facebook fans by keeping in touch with them and sending them offers.

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See Some Examples

Desktop Browser

CNN with TopSpot Advertisement

Desktop Browser

ESPN with TopSpot Advertisement

Mobile Browser

The New York Times with TopSpot Advertisement

Mobile Browser

Amazon.com with TopSpot Advertisement

How It Works

1. You Get a FREE router from TopSpot

2. Connect your TopSpot router to your router

3. Tell your customers to use a TopSpot router

This solution works with all type of browsers and screen sizes, and doesn’t require your customers to download anything on their devices.

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TopSpot is completely free of charge.

You own a Wifi "real estate" that belongs to you, and we can help you use it in a smarter way to earn money and brand your organization. TopSpot has the right technology to give you a full solution based solely on revenue sharing.


About Us

TopSpot is another wonderful product by TopSoft UG.

TopSoft UG is a Berlin-based startup experienced in Internet & Mobile technology solutions.
We believe that every client is a partner for our success.

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